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Introducing our Creative Home Kits

We're excited to share our new Creative Home Kits!

Our new CREATIVE HOME KIT has been designed to enjoy at home. We have a limited amount of actual boxes we can send out, which look like this ⬆

... Or you can choose to print out our downloadable PDF at home (you’ll need to find the art materials if you do).


The CREATIVE HOME KIT invites you to:

Create a Sculpture by connecting objects

Make a Map of where you go

Draw a Comic Book page

Record some Sounds

Shoot a Film Sequence

Construct a Miniature Museum


Inside your kit you’ll find: 

  1. Print out sheets

  2. A pencil and marker pens

  3. String and sticky tape

  4. The box itself  

You can choose to do some or all of the art projects listed above. There are some examples and instructions included in the pack and on the website. Or you can use the materials in the kit to make up your own art project. It's open and up to you!

You can upload your images/ sound/ video files to our private Facebook group, where other people taking part in the project will be able to see your artwork and you can see their work too. 

We hope you enjoy the CREATIVE HOME KIT! The Autism Through Cinema Team 

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