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Do you identify as autistic? Are you interested in making films?


The CREATIVE HOME KIT looks at how creativity and perspectives from autistic individuals can lead to collaborative filmmaking and changing how films work.

In workshops we’ve run with autistic participants we’ve begun to make amazing discoveries, about social and screen ‘event boundaries’, turn-taking in dialogue exchanges, body proxemics and confusing fuzzy social rules. But you can take this much further. This kit is the start of forming a collective of creative people whose ideas and experiences could become scenes and events in a feature length film. The name for this collaborative group is the NEUROCULTURE COLLECTIVE. It will be made up of autistic individuals like you, who will bring creative input and skills to the many aspects of making a feature film.

Maybe you want to capture significant events in your life or someone you know, such as situations you’ve encountered in supported living or at home, or in school, university, or the workplace. You would work with filmmakers to capture these experiences by directing scenes and working with sound teams and editors. This might mean describing the world as you see and experience it. It could be that your notebook drawings become film sequences, or your camera shots move away from eyes, faces, and crowds to objects, backgrounds, and patterns. Perhaps autism won’t be the subject of the film at all, but instead a new kind of filmmaking?

You can either download the digital version of the home kit or fill in your address below (UK only) and we will post a kit to you free of charge (all kits have been prepared with great care and respect to hygiene).​



Thanks for submitting! Your Creative Home Kit will be with you soon.


Step 1 >

Download or sign up for your CREATIVE HOME KIT below

Step 2 >

Complete the tasks in the kit and photograph your results

Step 3 >

Join the NEUROCULTURE COLLECTIVE and share your artwork with our community!

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