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Second award for 'Drawing on Autism'

Huge congratulations to our PhD candidate Alex Widdowson for picking up a second award for his animated film 'Drawing on Autism'. The short was awarded the Student's Blue Riband Award for Best AnimaDoc at the Rising of Lusitania AnimaDoc Film Festival in Poland. The judges commented that they awarded the Blue Riband...

...for skilfully juggling the perspectives of the story and taking up an important topic in a humanly way

Not one to ever rest on his laurels, Alex is busy planning his workshop on Animated Documentary Ethics for the The Festival of Animation in Berlin on the 1st October. Full details about the workshop can be found here:

Alex has also confirmed that his double-award winning film will have its web premiere with on the 27th September where the film will be free to watch for all. Stay tuned to our newsletter for further details. In the meantime, you can read more about Drawing on Autism here.

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