What kind of cinema

is possible if it derives from 

neurodiverse experience?


Autism through Cinema is an interdisciplinary research project involving film archaeology and film practice. 


Working with an extensive range of collaborators, the project examines the role of the moving image (medical film, narrative cinema, documentary) in the historical emergence and understanding of autism. The research then investigates the potential of autism to transform the neurotypical language of cinema.


The project begins with the examination of films from medical archives at pivotal moments in the twentieth century. The findings of the archival research then act as the focal point for workshops leading to participatory filmmaking and experimentation. The final phase of Autism through Cinema offers a new form of cinema informed by neurodiverse experience.


This project is made possible by a Collaborative Award in Humanities and Social Sciences from the Wellcome Trust.


Learn about the project's main research questions, exploring the history of autism and cinema and its future potential.

Meet the project's collaborators from across the fields of autism & advocacy, art, speech & gesture, history, education and activism.

Read about ongoing activity and how you could contribute to the project.

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