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Neurocultures at PARC Critical Autism Studies Conference, 7th June

This coming Monday (7th June), we're very happy to be taking part in the Participatory Autism Research Collective's Critical Autism Studies conference.

The fourth of its kind, the PARC conference gives a platform for autistic researchers to deliver presentations on their work in the vibrant field of Critical Autism Studies. Papers scheduled for Monday include Donna-Lee Ida and Krysia Waldock's insights into modelling effective autism inclusivity, a critical incursion into the 2021 Sia film Music by Kirsty Turner (we've recently touched on Music in our podcast), and Maxfield Sparrow's research about removing barriers to essential services.

Our own contribution will be a reflection on our film practice work-in-progress by Neurocultures and Steven Eastwood. We'll be discussing the process of co-creating a film with autistic participation, and exploring what we mean by 'Stim Cinema'. We're scheduled for 11:55am, and the whole one-day conference is free to attend. Tickets are available here via Eventbrite:

We're very much looking forward to it, do join us if you can!



While we're here, have you listened to our latest podcast episode? We tackle the 2017 docu-drama The Rider, directed by recent Academy Award winning director Chloe Zhao. It's an intriguing film about brain injury, disability, and masculinity, but we were particularly taken by the protagonist's sister, Lilly, an autistic actress playing herself and providing the film with a much-needed touch of gentleness. Here's a quick preview, and a link below to the full episode. Enjoy!

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