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Drawing on Autism on the Festival Circuit

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

We're delighted to be able to say that 'Drawing on Autism', the short animated film created by our PhD student Alex Widdowson, has been accepted for a number of film festivals. It received its world premiere at the Rhode Island International Film Festival last weekend, and is available to watch via the festival website until the 21st August 2021:

The short will also be screened at the Berlin Animation Festival, taking place from the 1st-3rd of October, 2021. Alex's film will be included in the International Animation competition and will be screened on Sunday 3rd October at City Kino Wedding. Further information here:

On the 8th October, the Hot Springs Documentary Festival opens and 'Drawing on Autism' will be available to stream from the Festival website. Alex's film will also appear at the Raindance festival, screening in London on the 4th November at Curzon Soho, and will feature as part of the Animated Shorts schedule at the New Orleans Film Festival in November.

'Drawing on Autism' investigates the ethics of a non-autistic researcher collaborating with an autistic subject to co-create an animated film. Alex uses animated documentary techniques to reflect on artist responsibility, as well as the nature of representation within the context of autism. If you've missed the chance to watch the full film on the link above, you can watch the trailer here:

For more on Alex's brilliant, award-winning work, follow these links:

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