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Centre for Film & Ethics Annual Lecture with Project Art Works

Our creative collaborators Project Art Works will be delivering the annual lecture at the Centre for Film and Ethics on April 5th, at 6pm at the People's Palace (PP2) on the Queen Mary campus in London.

The talk will be led by Kate Adams, the CEO of Project Art Works, and is titled 'Establishing consent with neuronormative constructs of consent and representation'. Kate will introduce the Project Art Work's collective and discuss the processes of collaboration and film in their practice with neurodivergent artists.

Project Art Works are fresh from their Turner Prize 2021 nomination and exhibition, and worked with Autism Through Cinema in 2019 helping us to deliver our Screen Dynamics workshop. The collective is made up of 40 neurodivergent artists as well as artists, activists, families and carers, who work together in their Hastings studio to develop long-term supportive and creative relationships.

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