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Autism & Cinema Season at the Barbican

After many pandemic-related delays, we are beyond delighted to be able to say that our Autism & Cinema season will finally hitting the big screens at the Barbican. From our free screening of the HBO biopic Temple Grandin on 16th September to our grand finale with Keep the Change & the Neurocultures Collective on the 28th September, the season aims to inspire debates and new thinking around the presence and representation of autism in film.

There are six events in total, and each of the main feature films is accompanied by short films made by autistic filmmakers, many of which were created in collaboration with our partners Project Art Works. We'll also be holding ScreenTalks at most of the events, featuring introductions to each film and Q&As with experts and creatives. Each event will be a relaxed screening for the benefit of neurodivergent audiences. Tickets are on sale now from the Barbican website and we'd advise snapping them up quickly before they run out. Here's the full schedule:

In the meantime, do keep up with our podcast to get a sense of the ways in which we think and talk about autism on film. We'll be releasing a couple of episodes in August and September that relate directly to the Barbican season, but before then we'll be covering a slice of contemporary sci-fi, a classic horror-noir film, and the work of David Lynch. Most recently we considered Agnes Varda's wonderfully anarchic documentary The Gleaners and I, which we all hugely enjoyed. Check out the episode here:

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