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Alex Widdowson at the Factual Animation Film Festival

Autism Through Cinema PhD candidate, Alex Widdowson, co-ran the 7th edition of Factual Animation Film Festival at Queen Mary University of London’s Hitchcock Cinema on the 16th October 2021. The festival programme featured a range of short films covering topics from COVID to mathematics, alongside Alex's film 'Drawing on Autism'. For full details visit



Holly Murtha, festival director, and Alex Widdowson, festival producer, conducted interviews a number of the directors:

The Beauty of Mathematics; an interview with Sarah Gorf-Roloff

I Want To Be Bored & The Things Around Us, interview with Magda Kreps

Skeleton of A Moth, interview with Emma Kay Smith


The award for best student film went to Magda Kreps for I Want To Be Bored

The award for best film went to Laurent Leprince for Waka Huia

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