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Film, Observation and the Mind Symposium - a new date

Our Film, Observaton and the Mind one-day symposium has now been rescheduled to take place online via Zoom, and is free to attend. The new date is Friday 19th March 2021, 9:45-4:30pm and you can join us by grabbing a ticket via Eventbrite:

Organised by Dr Bonnie Evans and Professor Janet Harbord, the symposium considers the significance of film to the establishment and development of neurology, psychology, psychoanalysis, psychiatry and related disciplines. It will focus on how film observational techniques were employed to validate scientific knowledge and how literary and artistic representations of the self-influenced new scientific models from the late-19th century.

How were the techniques of early cinema used to create new ways to approach individual case studies? How did film inform statistical analyses? What role did film play in the distinction between atypical and typical states of mind and how were claims of atypicality justified? How did child observational films influence theories of developmental psychology and typical and atypical child development? Conversely, how were films used to challenge and question scientific narratives via approaches influenced by anti-psychiatry and neurodiversity movements? The symposium will be held over one day with the aim of papers leading to an edited volume or journal special issue.

Speakers include Professor Des O'Rawe (Queen's University Belfast), Professor Janet Harbord (Queen Mary, University of London), Dr Kim Hajek (LSE), Dr Mathias Winter (Ecole Normale supérieure de Lyon), Dr Bonnie Evans (Queen Mary, University of London), Katie Joice (Birkbeck), Dr Felix Rietmann (University of Fribourg). There will be screenings of extracts from Ferdinand Deligny's Le Moindre Geste (1971) and Francois Truffault's The Wild Child (1970).

All speakers will present for twenty minutes followed by opportunties for questions and answers handled through Zoom chat. The Zoom link will be provided with your ticket reminder a few days before the event.

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